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For this blog post, I decided to sit down and talk to my six year old about love. It was a timely discussion as Valentine’s was a short while ago and she was asking about my date nights with my husband. I didn’t edit anything that she said – these are her words and my questions. I think she has some good advice and thoughts.

NH: What is love?

Ninjette: I think it is if you really really like someone, you probably love them.

NH: If you love someone, how do you show it?

Ninjette: You can kiss them, hug them, or just say it. There’s lots of ways. You can also tickle them. That’s how I show you (my mom) my love.

NH: How does our family show love to each other?

Ninjette: We show it in a lot of different ways. One of the ways we show love is we spend a lot of time with each other. Sometimes we tickle each other. We have sleepovers sometimes.

NH: What do you do with love?

Ninjette: You use it as a way to show someone that you love them. It’s a way to show what you feel like on the inside. It might not always seem like they always love you from the outside, but if you tell them from the inside then they would know that you would love them and that’s a really good thing because if you express yourself from the inside, then people get to know you and they will be surprised in what you can tell them about you. When you express yourself, it doesn’t just help them, it helps you because if you keep that secret and they ask you something, they might figure out that you are keeping something and you might feel nuts.

NH: How do you think this world can love more?

Ninjette: They cannot fight and they can use their own words and everything will be solved. They will love more and everyone will be happy and love. It will be a world of peace and it will be so great. They can spend more time together than you usually spend with them. They can take care of the world and they can take care of each other. They can recycle so the earth doesn’t get polluted. If someone is sick, they can help give medicine and be quiet so that person can rest. If they get hurt, you can help take care of them and give them an ice pack. If someone is at the hospital and you know them, you can bring a present or a balloon to their room. You can spend time with them at the hospital and I bet they will feel really happy.

NH: What’s your advice on love?

Ninjette: If you know someone and they know how to show love and another person doesn’t really know how to show love and they want to show It, but they can’t express it, the other person can help express their feelings from the inside and show that person how to love that person and how to show it. A 6 y.o.'s love advice: If you love someone, you should always let them know... #AsianMomBloggers Share on X


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